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Important Notice April 2022

We are pleased to announce that we are re-forming the Patient Participation Group.  We need opinions from patients of all ages from 18 onwards.  

We are planning to hold meetings at the surgery every 3 months.  We are aiming for the first meeting to be the near end May or the start of June 2022.

If you would like to join the group please contact the surgery.

Patient Reference Group Report 2015/16

Patient Reference Group Report 2015/16 (PDF, 135KB) 

Patient Reference Group Report 2015

The Practice formed a Patient Participation Group during 2012, and this continues to meet around every 3 months and throughout the year with a view of being a forum for the patient population.

The Group consists of seven people; two over 75, three between the ages of 60 and 75 and two below 50 years. Of these 80% were female and 20% were male. Other members of our patient list have expressed an interest to participate, however were unable to do so due to personal commitments but should their circumstances change are keen to be involved in the future.

In order to have a cross section of patients represented the Surgery telephoned patients and also spoke to them when they came into the Surgery for an appointment or to collect a prescription.

The Group is representative of our patient list, with some members having significant illnesses and disabilities, some members who are employed and others that are retired. The ethnic diversity of the Practice is also represented in the Group.

In order to have the views of the patients registered at the Practice, it was decided to have a questionnaire. This had been successful in the past and it was thought to be sensible to repeat the survey this to see whether patient opinion had changed from previous surveys.

It was decided to issue 50 questionnaires to a cross section of patients when they attended the Surgery for a consultation. Out of the 50 forms handed out, 40 forms were returned (80%).

The overall response to the questionnaire was very good with promising results suggesting that the patients are pleased with the service that is provided to them. In fact 75% of the patients were “very satisfied” with the care that the surgery provides, with nearly 18% being “fairly satisfied”.

100% of patients who returned the survey felt that the receptionists were “very helpful” or “helpful”. This is an outstanding result.

Around 78% of patients found accessing the building “very easy”.

The response to parking was more critical, but this is in part because the surgery does not have it’s own designated parking area. Despite this over 50% felt parking or travelling to the surgery was “very easy”. 25% felt it was “easy”, with 7% feeling that it was “not very easy” to part/travel at all.

Over 95% of our patients were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the surgery opening hours.

More pleasingly, 90% of the patients found it “easy” or “very easy” to get through by telephone, and 85% of patients finding it “easy” and “very easy” to get an appointment with their GP.

Overall the results are excellent and we are very happy with the feedback that patients are providing to us.
There were no issues raised by the Survey that required implementation by the Surgery.

The Care Quality Commission visited the Practice in November 2014 and the Practice awaits the report from them with their findings. Comments at the time from the inspectors were very favourable and discussed with the PPG and it was expressed that that it is hoped that this is reflected in the official report. It was noted by the inspectors however that it is clear that we are delivering a service to our patients that treated them with compassion, dignity and respect and that they were involved in their care and treatment.

The PPG has fully supported the implementation of the Electronic Prescription Service that has now been in operation for nearly a year, and this has worked very successfully for repeat prescriptions. It will be extended to acute prescriptions in the future. The PPG were keen to hear that the surgery is due to be offering of booking for online appointments, and were happy to hear that this is being implemented very soon and suggested that this was a very good idea.

The PPG were sad to hear that the Practice Nurse is due to retire in the near future. It was suggested that it might be useful for the replacement to work on more than a single day of the week to allow for greater choice for the patients. This was felt to be a sensible proposition.

In the past the Practice had implemented a Patient Suggestion Box, at reception and waiting room at the request of the PPG. This was finally removed as after six months of being implemented there was not a single suggestion received. The PPG agreed that we had tried but that there was no need to continue this. The box was removed.

The opening hours of the Practice are Monday to Friday 08.00am to 12.00, 2.00pm to 6.00pm. On Thursday 08.00 am to 12.00 only as it is Dr’s half day. Patients can access all services provided, by walking into the Surgery or by telephoning during core hours. The Practice offers extended hours on the mornings of Wednesday and Friday between 07.35am to 08.30am. In addition, online booking will be available to patients from March 2015.

Patient Reference Group Report 2015

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Patient Reference Group Report 2014

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Patient Participation Group Report 2013

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Patient Participation Group Report 2012

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